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Les Siffleux

The Tango

The Tango

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The TANGO tastes of woody dark cocoa. It is a dance between the sweet and the bitter.

The maca gives a woody taste to the drink, and the dark cocoa adds depth.

For full-bodied flavors: it is drunk with water.

For a smoother beverage, it is drunk with hot milk.

1 packet makes 20 servings of

1 C. tea


Ingredients: organic dark cocoa, organic maca, organic sugar, organic ginger.


Maca is an antioxidant that helps regulate mood and libido.

dark cocoa is a source of magnesium which helps to relax.

Ginger aids in digestion

The Whistlers are not made to treat or cure illnesses. Always consult the advice of a health professional.



Corsica : Put 1 tbsp. of "Tango" in a cup of hot water.

Creamy : Put 1 tbsp. of "Tango" in 1/2 cup of hot water and add 1/2 cup of milk of your choice.

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A vigorous dance

TANGO is full of seduction. It's a tight dance between dark chocolate and maca root. Maca helps with libido, and energy. Not for nothing did we call our drink the TANGO!