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Can I drink Les Siffleux when I'm pregnant?

The drinks are very good for pregnant women!

Especially the Blues which helps with heart ailments with ginger.

In addition, maca (in BLUES and TANGO) provides vitamins and minerals for mom and baby, it helps to have more energy during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

The only beverage to avoid during pregnancy is POP since it contains burdock root which should be avoided during this period, all others are recommended.

How do I properly filter my Siffleux?

For the “Coffee Alternative” Range, the use of a herbal tea or coffee filter: basket type is required. We recommend a fine mesh filter to avoid lumps. Several filters are offered on the website to make your task easier. Fine mesh filters require stirring of the contents so that the water flows more quickly.

A French press (Bodum) also works very well. A Keurig or Nespresso type machine uses more product, and is less recommended although it also works very well.

For those looking for products that do not need to be filtered: the “Vitality” Range are instant beverages.

Can I drink Les Siffleux when I'm pregnant?

Yes! It's for you! Here are the whistles that we recommend for pregnant women: OPERA, TANGO, BLUES, and BACHATA.

Opera contains moringa, a plant full of benefits that will help you have energy during pregnancy.

TANGO and BLUES have maca, a superfood that helps with fertility and gives natural energy. Since BLUES has ginger, it is perfect for those who feel nauseous during this stage.

For those looking for the taste of coffee, we recommend BACHATA which does not contain superfoods.

Can I put my Siffleux in a Keurig or Nespresso style coffee maker?

Yes, it's possible to do it, but it requires putting more Whistlers in it and therefore, we lose money by doing that. It is more recommended to use a herbal tea filter or a traditional coffee filter to filter it.

Can children drink Siffleux?

Yes, the Siffleux are caffeine-free and can be consumed by people of all ages.

Are there any beverages that don't need to be filtered?


Just add a cup of hot water and it's done!

How can I drink the Siffleux cold?

It is possible to drink all the Siffleux cold, the POP and the BACHATA are really excellent in this way. We must first infuse the beverage with 1/4 cup of hot water, add 3/4 cup of cold water and ice cubes. It is possible to do the same with all the other whistlers!

Are the Whistlers easy to digest?

All Whistlers are easy to digest. Several beverages have ginger which helps digestion and also, in POP, there is burdock root which helps digestion.

Are the Siffleux without sugar?

Several beverages do not contain sugar such as BLUES, OPERA, and POP. Others are low in sugar like TANGO which has only 4g of added sugar, and BACHATA which has 4g of blueberry sugar.

Is there an expiration date on the products?

It is best to consume your Siffleux three months after purchase. After this date, it is possible to consume it again, although the flavor is less present. After 1 year, the product must be discarded.

Which carrier will send my package by post?

All packages are delivered by Canada Post, within 2 to 5 days.

Can I modify my order once it has been sent?

The system is designed to send orders quickly, so it will not be possible to modify it. If there is a very large error (such as an error in the email address) contact us promptly.

I can no longer log into my account, what should I do?

First make sure the password and name match. It is preferable not to copy and paste them, this can create errors. Click on: forgot password. You will receive a password reset email. By following the steps, everything should be back to normal. If all this does not work, contact us.

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To use a promo code, make sure you have put the product with which you are entitled to a discount in your cart, and that you have purchased $50 before taxes. Also, it is not possible to mix promotions. So, if you select 1 product with multiple purchase (for example 2 copies, or 3) the promo code cannot be entered. On the other hand, if you select the same item several times, it will work.

Are the Whistlers organic?

The Siffleux buy quality ingredients, certified organic. However, the Siffleux do not yet have organic certification.

Why don't coffee alternatives have nutritional facts tables?

Like coffee or tea, hot drinks that need to be filtered do not require a nutritional facts table.


The products have a tab: contraindication which allows you to highlight some precarious situations where you should avoid taking the product. Products that do not have this tab are available to everyone. In all cases, the advice of a health professional is recommended.