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With roasted cranberries, POP tastes like fruity coffee. It will make the taste buds pop!

-Medium roast

-Without bitterness

-The cranberry taste disappears to give a sweet, fruity coffee note.

-1 sachet makes 10 servings


Ingredients: Organic cranberries, burdock roots, organic astragalus roots.


Astragalus root helps support the body in the face of stress, it also helps support the immune system.

Burdock root helps cleanse the digestive system.

Cranberry: powerful antioxidant


Preparation: Strain 1 tbsp. tablespoons of "pop" with a herbal tea filter in 1 cup (250 ml) of hot water.

A French press also does the trick!

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The cranberry that tastes like coffee

In the POP, the cranberry brings roasted aromas that remind us of coffee. It is through a unique roasting process that the magic operates, and makes us beat the rhythm, like that of POP music.