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Les Siffleux



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Pop comes to "pop" our taste buds with its grilled flavors.

The cranberry taste disappears to give a sweet, fruity coffee note.

Just strain it with a herbal tea filter, and you're done!


The pop contains astragalus root which helps support the body in the face of stress.

Burdock root helps support the immune system, and cleanse the digestive system.


1 bag = 10 servings

Taste= toasted, without bitterness, and fruity aromas


Ingredients: Organic cranberries, burdock roots, organic astragalus roots.


Preparation: Strain 1 tbsp. of "pop" in 1 cup of hot water.

A herbal tea or coffee filter can be used.

A French press also does the trick!


Made with organic cranberries from Quebec


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