I like the taste of coffee

I like coffee, and I have reduced my consumption for ecological reasons:

*Global warming affects coffee production downwards

*We will run out of coffee by 2050

*Coffee production is very polluting

and for health reasons,

I let you read the following!

Our history

It all started when...

I can no longer. I'm on edge. I come out of myself. I have a racing heart. I think too much... I can't sleep anymore, and then I'm "down" without her.

One fine day, my body told me: "Stop: stop the coffee"!
When I had a panic attack.
I thought I was going to die.


Not today please. I am not ready. I didn't fulfill my destiny...
But what fate by the way!?
Well, my destiny started from that ending.

I quit coffee, to create a revival.

Subsequently, I have met several people who experience the same reactions with caffeine. This is what motivated me to change my destiny.

Because we are not alone.

How to solve the problem?
I can't tolerate caffeine anymore, and I can't eat gluten anymore, too.
That's another story.
Am I going to stop living for that!? nope
I traveled across Quebec to find a solution.

In a congress of herbalism (I am a herbalist by training) I told myself that I was going to find THE PLANT which will do a miracle to replace coffee.
I did not find.

So the solution had to come from within.

After 2 years of research done in collaboration with INAF.
I've created a brew that tastes toasty. Made with berries and roots.
And... it has no gluten in it.

However, it should be noted that it is possible that there are traces of gluten, for the moment, I work in a kitchen where there are some.

The mix is original and the flavors too. It doesn't exist anywhere else!
I do not claim to have created L' ALTERNATIVE EVER.
It's unpretentious.

My beverages are called les Siffleux.
For me, whistling means so many things:

I will make a list:

Whistling is:

Be cheerful
To drink his coffee on the tip of the lips, because it is very hot
Drink a Whistler
To sing

My motivation: put a smile on my face with my drinks.

They all have musical names, because music: it's good for morale! Like the Toune: "It's good for morale"

I let you discover "Le Bachata". It is made with ingredients that come from Quebec. It is perfect for those who like to buy local.

It is made of blueberries, and hemp.

Les Siffleux were created with care, by women

  • La siffleuse, créatrice des Siffleux

    the whistler

  • L'artisane des tasses de Nature Imprint

    The maker of "Nature imprint" cups

  • L'experte herboriste

    The expert herbalist

  • La goûteuse exceptionnelle

    The exceptional taste