Retrouver l'effet énergisant du café, sans boire de café Les Siffleux, breuvages torréfiés

Rediscover the energizing effect of coffee, without drinking coffee

I did some research, and discovered that coffee makes us addicted 😲

According to some health professionals, the greatest positive effect of caffeine is not so much in overcoming a lack of energy, but in relieving withdrawal symptoms after a prolonged period without consumption.🥴

Yes! you read that right!

Basically, caffeine, in the long run, does not give energy: it relieves the symptoms of DEADLINE, like a drug.

I found a plant with lots of benefits that really gives energy .


A plant that really gives energy

This is the root of MACA 💛

It gives energy in the long term, because it is full of IRON and MINERALS.

Here's what it does when consumed over an extended period of time:

-Helps concentration
-Helps improve mood
-Reduces stress and anxiety
-Helps with libido
-Helps to have energy

-Helps reduce symptoms of menopause

In short, it's good for you!

I made a short video talking about MACA:

To watch the video click here:



Also, I have a drink full of maca that tastes like chocolate-ginger.

In addition to maca root, ginger has a reputation for putting someone on edge !

I'll let you discover the drink BLUES .

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