Pourquoi boire une alternative au café? Les Siffleux, breuvages torréfiés

Why drink an alternative to coffee?

To reduce our drinking water consumption

Drinking traditional coffee is good,

but it is very polluting. 

Producing 1 kilo of coffee requires 19,000 liters of water, much more than producing 1 kilo of beef.

While a Siffleux made from plants, berries and roots (without coffee beans) requires much less water, and is good for our health at the same time.

To reduce our carbon footprint

Massive deforestation for the cultivation of coffee in the open air has effects on global warming, and global warming causes losses in coffee production. It is also predicted that in 2050, there will be a 50% reduction in coffee production in the world.

Our industrial way of growing coffee is not suited to the health of the planet. It is urgent to adjust, otherwise coffee will become increasingly scarce.

 By choosing to consume other plants often qualified as "weeds" we allow the planet to regenerate itself, by diversifying the harvests. So, we build a better and healthier world and we can still consume coffee for several years. Moreover, bachata is made with only 2 ingredients that grow in Quebec. It is the marriage between blueberry and hemp that gives toasted notes, once the roasting is done. It is truly unique in the world. Must taste this!

Here is the link to discover Bachata:


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Marie-Helene des Siffleux

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