Je ne la tolère plus Les Siffleux, breuvages torréfiés

I don't tolerate it anymore

I am no longer capable. I'm on edge. I am beside myself. My heart is racing. I think too much... I don't sleep anymore, and then I'm down without her.

One fine day, my body told me: “Stop: stop drinking coffee”!

When I had a panic attack.

I thought I was going to die.


Not today please. I am not ready. I have not fulfilled my destiny...

But what fate by the way!?

Well, my destiny began from that end.

I quit coffee, to create a renewal.

Subsequently, I met several people who experienced the same reactions with caffeine.

This is what motivated me to change my destiny.

Because we are not alone.


How to solve the problem?


I can't tolerate caffeine anymore, and I can't eat gluten anymore, too.

That's another story.

Am I going to stop living yet!? Nope

I traveled across Quebec to find a solution.

At a herbalist conference (I am a trained herbalist) I told myself that I was going to find THE PLANT that will work a miracle to replace coffee.

I did not find.

So the solution had to come from within.


It fascinates me


So, after 2 years of research carried out in collaboration with INAF.

I created a drink that tastes toasty. Made with berries and roots.

The mixture is original and so are the flavors. It doesn't exist elsewhere.

I do not claim to have created THE ALTERNATIVE EVER.

It's unpretentious.


My drinks are called Siffleux.

For me, whistling means so many things:

I will make a list:


Whistling is:

  • Be cheerful
  • Drink your coffee on the tip of your lips, because it is very hot
  • Drink a Siffleux
  • Sing


My motivation: to put a smile on my face with my drinks.

They all have musical names, because music is good for morale! Like the tune: “ It’s good for morale


I'll let you discover BACHATA . It is made with ingredients that come from Quebec. It is perfect for those who like to buy local.


It is made from Quebec blueberries.

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