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The virtues of Cocoa

Where does cocoa come from?

The COCOA TREE is a tree found mainly in Africa and Central America.

This tree with dense foliage and measuring around ten meters has the particularity of bearing at the same time

time its flowers and fruits called CABOSSES, directly on the trunk and large branches.

The pods measure 15 to 25 cm and resemble a football.

They are yellow, orange, or almost purple in color, depending on the variety.

They can contain a maximum of fifty seeds,

called BEANS, almond-shaped, surrounded by a sweet, white pulp, the mucilage.

Cocoa helps with memory

Raw cocoa contains molecules called flavonoids which promote cerebral blood flow, protect the cardiovascular system and reduce high blood pressure. With better blood circulation, this ensures that memory is improved and intellectual faculties too.

Chocolate boosts energy naturally

Thanks to its theobromine content, cocoa is a natural antidepressant. A source of magnesium, it is also a very good anti-stress and a recognized anti-fatigue agent. It improves metabolism and reduces the stress hormone cortisol.

Cocoa has beneficial effects on digestion

The higher the cocoa content of chocolate, the more fiber it contains. Cocoa also contains polyphenols which help strengthen the intestinal mucosa.

Chocolate is an antioxidant

Rich in flavonoids, cocoa prevents cellular aging. It contributes to the fight against inflammatory diseases and treats disorders of immune function.

Cocoa is good for morale

Cocoa acts as an anxiolytic on our brain. Consumption of cocoa stimulates the secretion of endorphins, which has the effect of generating a feeling of well-being. This feeling is almost immediate! Cocoa stimulates the synthesis of serotonin, which is beneficial for sleep and well-being.

The stages of cocoa processing

Extraction of beans from the pod,

Drying the beans. - the beans are spread out on the ground and dried in the sun for around 7 days. It is from this moment that the beans take on their characteristic brown color.

Roasting involves roasting the beans at precise temperatures that will develop characteristic flavors and colors.

Crushing: reduction of the beans into smaller grains called cocoa nibs.

Cocoa butter: The cocoa nibs are then ground to form a solid paste called cocoa butter.

Which cocoa to use?

Taking raw cocoa is much more recommended, because it contains a lot of active ingredient to give us a good mood!

In Siffleux, the cocoa used comes from sustainable sources. It is cultivated in such a way as to respect the flora of the Dominican Republic and its inhabitants.

By choosing fair trade cocoa, this makes it possible to pay producers directly by guaranteeing them a healthy income.

A program to combat deforestation has been put in place. So that cocoa cultivation can have a positive impact on the environment, by restoring soils degraded by planting trees, and by growing cocoa in agroforestry, and not in fields.

Taste all the effects of cocoa in a good cup of BLUES or BOLLYWOOD .
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