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The characteristics of decaffeinated coffee

The characteristics of decaffeinated coffee

Do you drink decaffeinated coffee? Did you know that there are caffeine residues left in your cup?

And that it could be responsible for your gastric reflux?

Today I'm going to give you the broad outline of what decaf coffee contains.

No matter your reasons for drinking decaf, many people turn to decaffeinated drinks to reduce caffeine.

But is it a good long-term solution?

Les Siffleux also offer an alternative to coffee, without any coffee beans.

With superfoods in it to provide healthier energy, coming from plants.

Here is a table of the advantages and disadvantages of decaf and Siffleux

You will then be able to choose your decaffeinated beverage with full knowledge of the facts!

Decaf versus roasted beverages: Siffleux



Contains 3 to 25 mg of caffeine

0 caffeine



decaffeination process

with chemicals

Natural ingredients,

without chemicals

Creates nervousness

Gives energy naturally

Without superfoods

With superfoods

Contains pesticides

if it is not organic

Made with organic ingredients

Contains antioxidants

Also contains antioxidants

Contains magnesium

Contains several minerals

I hope I have enlightened you on both options.

In both cases, they allow you to enjoy a cup (of decaf or Siffleux) without the risk of dancing samba all night.

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