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Astragalus: A plant to increase energy

This plant, which is nicknamed "anti-ageing", originates from Mongolia. Today, it is found in East Asia. We must wait 5 years before harvesting its roots so that it can develop all its active ingredients. It has been used for thousands of years in Chinese medicine and is known to be a powerful tonic. It would help to increase the energy of the body, and its immunity.

Its Chinese name: “Huang qi” means “energy enhancer”. It is an adaptogenic plant, it helps the whole body to adapt to stress.

Astragalus root removes the feeling of fatigue.

It strengthens the adrenal glands, and balances the thyroid. It improves physical performance, increases energy, aids in falling asleep, and helps regain mental well-being, when consumed on a regular basis. It would also seem that it would be more powerful than Ginseng (Panax Ginseng) due to the many beneficial substances it contains. This remains to be proven!

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Astragalus to help fight cancer?

Also, astragalus has 63 flavonoids and 14 polysaccharides, powerful antioxidant substances that stimulate the immune system to fight against outside bacteria. It is therefore the ideal plant during the change of seasons.

It would have the ability to block the proliferation of cancer cells due to its high amount of triterpene saponisides. A substance that regulates cell multiplication.

Astragalus is not recommended for pregnant women and for those who are allergic to Fabaceae.

Astragalus in my drink?

It is difficult to add superfoods to your daily life, especially since they do not always taste very good! So why not put it in your daily drink. Astragalus is found in POP, a caffeine-free roasted cranberry beverage that tastes like coffee.

Drinking POP kills two birds with one stone. We stimulate our immunity, and we reduce our stress. Especially since this drink is just relaxing.

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