Test encore stressé, même pendant les vacances? Les Siffleux, breuvages torréfiés

Are you still stressed, even during the holidays?

Are you still stressed, even during the holidays?

Have you thought that maybe it's your eating habits that bring you stress?

What you drink brings you stress

Let's be clear: coffee is made to wake you up, to give you a kick. Usually, we take it in the morning to wake up, to go to work, our brain will be ready to concentrate. But for going camping, on the beach, or just enjoying the holidays, seems to me that coffee has no place?! It's not meant to help relax. It is quite clear!

We are so addicted to coffee that we need to take it every morning. So we start our day with a sense of urgency, a state of alert. I hear you telling me, me, it just wakes me up, I don't feel alert. Our body gets used to it, adapts. It adapts to stress...

The state of alert that I am talking about is the fact that caffeine stimulates the cardiac system and the nervous system, it boosts it to reduce the feeling of fatigue. Basically, coffee gets us on our nerves to wake up. It helps stimulate adrenaline, the stress hormone, to wake us up!

Me, I don't want to spend my vacation day on my nerves. Especially since the effect of caffeine can stay with us for 8 hours. Anyway, I won't start my day with a herbal tea to sleep either, but you see the genre, there are two extremes. We can help and boost ourselves with good plants, such as maca, which wake up gently and give lasting energy!!

I leave you a link to discover maca: https://bit.ly/quoi-maca

Let's stay vigilant about our coffee consumption

Let's stay vigilant about our coffee consumption, because even moderate doses of coffee can increase our stress and our level of adrenaline in the blood. In fact, a study was conducted with 25 healthy men. They felt twice as much stress as those who had taken a placebo, while they had drunk about 300 mg of caffeine.

Drink a Whistler instead

In short, I suggest you take a good Siffleux instead: an alternative beverage to coffee. POP helps to decrease coffee, without the withdrawal effects of caffeine, because there are plants that have been carefully selected to help not to have a headache, and to feel the cravings of coffee, when you skip a day without coffee. It tastes like coffee, with earthy, fruity notes from the medium roast. It is delicious with milk.

Here is the link to discover the POP: https://siffleux.ca/products/le-pop

Enjoy your holidays!

Marie-Hélène for the Siffleux.

Here are my sources:

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