Du café sans café est-ce possible? Les Siffleux, breuvages torréfiés

Is coffee without coffee possible?

I do not tolerate caffeine

I like going into a café-restaurant, just to breathe in the aromas of coffee that emanate throughout the place. But when I go there, I don't drink coffee, a herbal tea please? Do you have anything else? Decaf!? well... not this time...

I can't drink coffee, because it gives me heart palpitations and anxiety, I told myself that I have to find an alternative to coffee, and one that has unique flavors.

Herbal teas are delicious, but I would like to make a change, why not a coffee made with plants, fruits, and roots! I would like it to taste like coffee, with toasty aromas...

I want it to taste like coffee

Since I couldn't find anything that matched my research, I decided to create my toasted beverage!

I did several experiments, and over time, after a lot of testing, I finally created the Whistlers!

By their roasting, they almost taste like coffee. Purists will tell me that it doesn't taste exactly like coffee. And you're right. Because it's not coffee.

Some, like "the pop", are really very similar. In addition, they bring aromas in the end of the mouth, which are new and original.

The Siffleux have nothing to do with chicory beverages and cereal coffees. There are no grains inside the mixtures. So everyone can drink it, even gluten intolerant people.

This is also the unique characteristic of the Whistlers:

grain-free, coffee-free, and grilled to perfection!


Yours to Discover :



Marie-Helene des Siffleux

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